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One of my biggest memories from art school was drinking tons of bad coffee in my tiny dorm room. This project was my payback. I loved every minute of it.

Ask: Create a co-branded back to school experience with Keurig, Green Mountain Coffee and Walmart.

Idea: Build your dorm room coffee bar. We came up with seven different student personas based on interests, each with different tastes and style in coffee and decor. We designed the perfect dorm room and coffee bar for each student, along with the drinks that would enhance their studying experience.

Team: My team did an amazing job with this project. We had a blast coming up with the student personas and decorating their rooms. All the furnishings were purchased at Walmart stores.

Project execution: The project was mainly composed of a mini-site with different hot spots to display content information. We ran a custom photo shoot to capture each room.  A social media campaign on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest brought together the conversation.

What stuck: The fun I had with my team playing interior designer. We paired off and hit the stores as if we were in some decorating challenge. Racing to decorate our rooms, it was epic.

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