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At the end of the day, I consider myself a storyteller. A good storyteller can tell any story, no matter the subject. This project definitely pushed me with it's weighted subject matter and my feelings associated with it.

Ask: Write a campaign that shared insurance companies desire to tackle the high cost of prescriptions in the public eye and with the California legislature.

Idea: All In – was a call to action where insurance companies let the public know they were ready and eager to come to the table with prescription companies and California legislature to finally start to tackle the issues surrounding the high cost of prescription drugs in this country.

Project execution: Pitch included: video interviews, social media campaign, online campaign, website, newspaper ad.

What stuck: I was able to reach far outside of my comfort zone into an industry and subject matter that I was not in my normal scope of experience. Also being able to craft a story for a group that I did not have positive opinions about. I was able to push past my own notions and try to gain more understanding on their point of view.

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