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This project will always stick in my memory as one of the most ridiculously, fun projects I have ever done.

At the time, the Axe brand was really in an anything goes place.. the sillier ideas the better. It was one of those projects that I couldn't believe we were actually getting away with the kooky ideas we were presenting. 

Ask: Create a series of videos that show how Axe products empower young men to attract the ladies of their dreams. The tone was to be entertaining and whimsical.

Idea: Create a set of videos showing powers associated with each of the Axe products. Color code the essence of each experience to the product's associated color. The powers were personified by silly, absurd, and quirky characters.

Team: This project's success was due to amazing team work. This was the first time that I got to work with the amazing producer who became my video partner in crime for years. The more ridiculous, hard to create ideas.. the better. Though she left the Agency at the beginning of the project, I also initially worked with an awesome writer, who encouraged me that I could write for advertising... that I had the chops to take a bunch of crazy ideas and run with it. As well, I had my amazing storyboard artist, social media, and design production teams.

Project execution: Included videos online and in-store, social media campaign, banner ads and mini-site.

What stuck: This project was one of my first experiences really being able to flex my creative muscles with every part of the project. I co-concepted the ideas, co-wrote the scripts, created initial storyboard sketches, mood boards, assisted in casting, gave direction on set and with editing, as well as designing the look and feel of the visual experience. I was in my creative element.

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