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This project was as clean and fun as popping open that can of coke. Such a fun, iconic brand to work on, in a very different experiential challenge at 30,000 feet in the sky.

Ask: Create a strategy document for a branded touchscreen gaming experience for Coke, that would be accessible on the tablets located on the backs of seats on all Jet Blue flights.

Idea: Create a set of old school arcade games skinned for Coca-cola. The games would be contained within a branded entertainment experience where users could log on with their Jet Blue accounts to earn points through play. Points could be earned toward JetBlue/Coca-Cola swag and other rewards. More than skinning touchable games this project was about creating an arcade experience that would include: how the games would be accessed, shared and played, creating interactivity between players and other passengers, the creation of a points, reward system and payout.

Project execution: This project demo included a game center user experience, 6 Coca-Cola skinned games, as well as a co-branded strategy for the arcade experience in co-operation with JetBlue.

What stuck: Outside of working with such an iconic brand... being able to use my business school experience. I had written on of my final business school papers on the airline industry. I was actually able to pull from that knowledge and create an industry savvy product.