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On of my favorite parts of working with Unilever as a client was the variety of work it provided us as an agency. Getting to play within the music space was an amazingly fun assignment for our team.

Ask: Create a new platform and co-branded experience between Axe and former Walmart Soundcheck to celebrate music and personal style

Idea: Axe Stage Pass created as a digital hub for music and personal style. The hub would showcase featured artists, their music, their stories and their style. It would be a behind the scenes look at the artist and their worlds.

Team: This project was a huge undertaking in co-operation between our creative and production teams, Walmart's music group and Unilever agency partners for in-store cooperation.

Project execution: Included a digital hub, videos online and in-store, social media campaign, banner ads, experiential events and in-store activiations.

What stuck: Jumping into the fast paced world of the music industry. Fighting to create an authentic experience that maintained focus on the music and the artist, not just another advertisement.

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