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One of the best bits of advice came from an old creative director of mine who asked me what's the story? It was for an interactive banner. I was a bit confused. It wasn't a story, it was a simple banner ad, and we designed hundreds of them. He continued to explain to me that a huge part of the design, was the "story" – how the design was experienced by the user. That lesson rang strong with this project as I went back to my user-experience roots to design this app experience for Drinks.

Ask: Create a social app and campaign where users could invite friends to help pick out wines for an event or just a simple get together.

Idea: Make buying wine easy, fun and social.. just like the act of drinking it. Ask friends for opinions before the event. Make it happen in the easy click of an app.. but still just a social, because sadly, who has time to go wine shopping with their friends anymore. The goal to tell a story that was still a social activity for friends no matter their location or availability.

Project execution: Research and strategy on the current digital wine market, sketches for an online app,  storyboards of the experience, social media campaign, banner ads and mobile mini-site.

What stuck: The fun of telling a new narrative for one of my own favorite pastimes – wine shopping with friends... which has evolved from meeting up as a social event to sending pictures of labels off our phones.

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