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Every once in a while, the perfect project comes along. We get to "play" and exercise our creative muscle. We share the experience with a talented team and the final result shows.

Unilever NCAA was such a project. As one of the few sports fans in the agency , I was able to run with this project and have a blast doing it. I had the opportunity to create and cast characters, design mood boards, scout locations, and tell a a final story with a hilarious and talented group of actors and directors.

Ask: Create a multi-branded digital entertainment experience that promoted Unilever men's products with the help of NCAA football.

Idea: Personify each of the products as an obsessive fan tailgating at a football game. Each character celebrating crazy antics seen at football games, while highlighting the benefits of the product.

Team: This project's success was due to lining up an amazing team. I was lucky to have my incredible producer who made my vision a reality, talented directors and actors who brought the characters to life.. as well as our internal storyboard artist, writer, and social media team.

Project execution: Included videos online and in-store, social media campaign, banner ads and mini-site.

What stuck: This spot puts a smile on my face every time I see it. It still connects with people and is one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had as a creative. To see an idea that started as sketches in my notebook evolve into a full campaign was incredibly fulfilling. I learned so much on this project from writing to directing and casting. As creative director I took ownership in all aspects of the campaign.

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