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Artist in B-School is part memoir and part encouragement for artists and designers who would like to understand business, are curious about taking courses, or even crazier, are curious about getting an MBA. I share thoughts about my life as a designer and why I was driven to go to business school. Through a journal and notes I kept through my experience in the USC Executive MBA program, I share realizations that occurred to me through the program; mostly that the lessons of my art school years seemed to prepare me just as much to get an MBA as any undergraduate business curriculum could have. I also learned that the relationships and connections between business and art were much more closely tied than I thought.


"We as artists draw ourselves behind a line that defines what it means to be creative or business minded. Those lines should be erased. Be the most and best of who you are: creative, strategic, analytical and communicative. It’s all there you may just not have all the tools to recognize it yet. It will benefit you in more ways than you will ever know".

Article about Artist in B-School from Radford University Read here

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